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BENTOCLINE® is APEC Industries’ primary geosynthetic clay liner product with a geomembrane base. It is made of a uniform layer of sodium bentonite trapped between a layer of geotextile and geomembrane to deliver best performing base linings in landfills and other projects.

Built to last and deliver absolute containment and waterproofing, BENTOCLINE® can be used as a long-lasting clay liner that continues to perform well for many years to come. It is available in wide roll widths to reduce overlaps and installation time. In addition to this unique and specialized composite GM-GCL, we also manufacture standard GCLs as per the market requirement and international standards

Thickness at 2 kPa 6.5 mm
Mass per unit area 4800 g/m2
Roll width 6.0 m
Roll length 45 m
Roll weight 1300 kg

Functions of BENTOCLINE® Clay Liner

BENTOCLINE® is built to established breach-free containment systems. As a clay liner, this quality adds to its performance and makes it one of the most reliable geomembrane base clay liners in the market. It delivers supreme performance when used for containment, separation or waterproofing, often performing a combination of these functions

Recommended Applications

BENTOCLINE® is ideal for base lining of various types of landfills as well as landfill capping. It is highly recommended for mining remediation and reclamation as well as lining ponds, canals, and other bodies of water. Clients in the energy industry apply it in their coal ash disposal facilities.

Other applications include reservoirs, fuel spillage containment, erosion control on slopes, environmental lining of roads, groundwater protection, and waterproofing of basements.

Product Benefits

BENTOCLINE® allows no flow with its 0.5mm LLDPE geomembrane. Sodium bentonite powder amplifies its self-healing qualities when hydrated. It increases air space in landfills by a huge margin, reduces excavation, backfilling, and traffic volume. It has high internal shear and long-term creep resistance due to the increased mechanical bonds of the top and bottom geotextile layers. It is extremely sensitive to leachate fluids and rehydrates immediately.


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