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CUPFLOW® is a specialised geodrain composite product. It is made of an impermeable draining core with filter fabric layer on one side to offer best green roof drainage, wingwall drainage, and similar applications.

CUPFLOW® is a high-performing, multi-functional geodrain composite. It allows clients a lot of variety and is available in various options for thickness, compressive strength, and flow capacities, manufactured on custom technical and physical specifications to comply with specific needs of each project. Virtually all drainage applications can be fulfilled with this especially designed geocomposite.

Thickness at 2 kPa 6.0 – 25.0 mm
In-plane water flow capacity, σ =20 kPa, Soft/Rigid contact Gradient (i = 1.0) ~7.0 l/(m.s) Gradient (i = 0.1) ~2.00 l/(m.s)
Mass per unit area 200 – 1000 kPa
Roll width 1.0, 2.0 to 4.0 m
Roll length 25, 50 and 100 m
Roll weight (min – max) 15 – 500 kg

Functions of CUPFLOW® GEODRAIN Composite

CUPFLOW® is a highly pliable drainage solution for all kinds of interior and exterior needs. This flexibility in design makes CUPFLOW® the perfect drainage, filtration, separation, and reservoir agent for a wide range of functions

Recommended Applications

CUPFLOW® makes the ultimate green roof drainage system. It is also highly recommended to build road edge carriageway drains. Similarly, it is highly effective for relieving hydraulic pressure from buried structures and retaining walls. It performs brilliantly for relieving uplift pressure beneath tanks, slabs and culverts. It makes high-functioning bridge abutments and wingwall drainage systems and can also be used for optimum drainage in tunnel walls and floor embankment drains. CUPFLOW® also performs great in landfill capping and slope drains. It also provides drainage for contiguous and secant piled walls.

Product Benefits

CUPFLOW® is thinner and lighter than conventional drainage products. Therefore, it reduces dead load on to soil and supporting structures. It offers huge saving in air space of landfills and reduced traffic volume when compared to gravel drains. It builds water reservoirs, which can be used by plants in dry season. It eliminates the need for weep holes in retaining walls. CUPFLOW® reduces excavation and backfill. It delivers high performance with high flow capacity, matchless durability, and high UV resistance. It can be easily installed without specialised equipment. Lastly, its filtration properties are suitable for most soil types.


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