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NETFLOW® is a high-performance geodrain composite. It is made of a HDPE tri-planar geonet core bonded with filter fabric layer on one or both sides, depending on the client’s needs.

NETFLOW® is designed to deliver optimum sub-surface drainage and has proven to be the most dependable geodrain composite. Available in blanket thickness and custom roll specifications of your choice, NETFLOW® is ready to fulfil the drainage and separation needs of all your large and small projects.

Thickness at 2 kPa 4.0 – 8.0 mm
In-plane water flow capacity, σ =20 kPa, Soft/Rigid contact Gradient (i = 1.0) ~2.70 l/(m.s) Gradient (i=0.1) ~0.80 l/(m.s)
Compressive strength 1917 kPa
Roll width 2.0 to 4.0 m
Roll length 25, 50 and 100 m
Roll Weight (min – max) 60 – 520 kg

Functions of NETFLOW® Geodrain Composite

NETFLOW® is a multi-purpose geosynthetic composite product. Apart from delivering ideal results for drainage, it has also proven to be a reliable separator and passage for gas venting in landfills. It works as the perfect filtration layer and also reduces hydraulic pressures on structures by removing water from soils.

Recommended Applications

When applied under roads and highways, it provides a highly effective drainage system that preserves the asphalt and keeps the surface dry. NETFLOW® is also ideally useful for leachate collection and leakage detection in evaporation ponds, landfills, heap leach pads, and other such projects. Clients also use it for venting gas – and as a drainage layer in the capping system of landfills and mining. Additionally, it is also equally effective for drainage in sports fields.

Product Benefits

NETFLOW® offers high flow capacity, especially when compared to gravel drain. It also mitigates clogging much more effectively than gravel drain and saves far more air space in landfills than gravel. Furthermore, it has high resistance for chemicals and UV light.

NETFLOW® helps reduce hydraulic pressures by removing water from the soil and surface. Along with such high performance for drainage, it offers extraordinary compressive strength. NETFLOW® also offers highly reduced excavation and backfill, which makes it superior than other sub-surface drainage solutions. It also delivers high durability and filtration capacity in all types of soils and leachate solutions.


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