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APEC Industries is formed with the objective of providing world class Composite Polymeric Materials such as Geosynthetic Composites for Civil Engineering applications and Other Synthetic Composites for Building applications. We provide innovative, cost effective and easy to apply solutions for a wide range of geotechnical, transportation, oil & gas, mining, hydraulic and environmental related sectors.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in ICAD-1, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The annual production capacity is more than 50 Million sq.meter.

Our technical expertise helps in delivering outstanding project support and customer service. We guarantee high quality of our products and related services. The Company intends to lead the market in design and manufacture of innovative geosynthetics and continues to provide ground-breaking solutions.

APEC Industries offer Composite materials and systems that gives practical solutions for drainage, reinforcement, separation, filtration, stabilization, waterproofing and sound proofing requirements.

Following are the list of applications where our composite materials are cost effective in installation & transportation:

  • Vertical drainage system Retaining walls, basements, road edges, parking ramps, contiguous & secant piles.
  • Green Roof drainage Systems.
  • Horizontal drainage system (Sports fields, tunnel invert, Roads & Pavements and to collect groundwater from PVDs).
  • Erosion Control (slopes on roadsides, landscaping and coastal lines).
  • Capping and barriers systems (landfills, power plant coal ash etc).
  • Leachate & gas collection system and Leak detection system in landfills, ponds & mining.
  • Liners for secondary containment, pad lining, pit lining, frack flowback ponds, fresh water ponds and floating covers at Oil & gas drilling facilities.
  • Liners below Heap Leach pads, Tailing storage facilities, evaporation ponds & Closure cap in mining facilities
  • Waterproofing for tunnels.
  • Barriers beneath Roads/Highways.
  • Canals/ponds Liners.
  • Primary & Secondary Containment systems in landfills, evaporation ponds, heap leaching etc.
  • Building waterproofing with PVC membrane composite.
  • PE membrane composites for landfill temporary daily cover.
  • Slope stabilization with Geogrid composites.
  • Embankment Fill Reinforcement.
  • Ground & Engineering Backfill Stabilization.
  • Asphalt Reinforcement.
  • Base Reinforcement of roads, highways & refinery.
  • Load transfer platforms over Pile Caps.
  • Railway Ballast Reinforcement.
  • Root Barrier.
  • Salt Barrier.


We work together with a common vision, to add and combine our values for the innovative materials meeting regional civil engineering and industrial requirements.


To inspire a sustainable future by combining diverse high-end technologies with a long know-how and an extensive experience in the markets we operate.


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