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ROOTDIVERT HD® is a very durable and long-lasting root barrier system. Built to support long-term service life projects, this system creates an impenetrable geocomposite barrier between tree roots and project soil.

ROOTDIVERT HD® is available in various options for membrane thickness, roll widths, and roll lengths.

Thickness at 2kPa ~3.7 mm
Puncture resistance of geomembrane 640 N
Roll width 7.0 m
Roll length 50 and 100 m
Roll Weight (min – max) 730 – 1460 kg

Functions of ROOTDIVERT HD® Root Brrier System

ROOTDIVERT HD® is built solely to function as a breach-free barrier between project soil and tree roots from the surrounding wilderness.

Recommended Applications

ROOTDIVERT HD® is ideally applied in projects to protect roads, highways, basements, foundations, pavements, buried pipelines, and other underground structures from tree roots.

ROOTDIVERT HD is the best and economical composite product placed at back of kerb between the tree and road. The best practice in installing it is to place along, beside path of the road rather than surrounding the tree. ROOTDIVERT HD works as a waterproof seal protecting the structure from tree roots following the moisture coming through the seal and under the base of the kerb.

It is also highly recommended for green roof systems and segmentation.

Product Benefits

ROOTDIVERT HD® prevents root penetration from damaging concrete structures, foundations, road base layers and other buried structures. It prevents water seepage into buried structures as well and also protects concrete from soils and groundwater with high sulphate and chloride content.

ROOTDIVERT HD® stabilises reactive clay materials below foundations and provides a permanent root barrier solution, as the composite is highly resistant to biodegradation. It encourages root penetration to move deeper instead of wider, which protects any surrounding structures.

It is UV stabilised, light weight, easy to install, and with high puncture tolerance.


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