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EASYLINER LD® is a thin but high-performance LLDPE geocomposite that has an impermeable geomembrane covered with geotextile layers on both sides.

Since it is built to be more flexible than an HDPE geocomposite, EASYLINER LD® is ideal for a broader set of applications. It is available in multiple options for roll dimensions and is effective for application in both small and large structures.

Geomembrane thickness 0.50 – 2.00 mm
Break strength of geomembrane 13 – 53 kN/m
Puncture strength of geomembrane 120 – 500 N
Roll dimensions LLDPE with NW LLDPE with W
Roll width 7.0 m 6.0 m
Roll length 50 and 100 m 50 and 100 m
Roll weight 380 and 760 kg 210 and 420 kg

Functions of EASYLINER LD® with LLDPE Geomembrane

EASYLINER LD® may be thinner than its HDPE counterpart, but it offers absolute separation, containment and waterproofing.

Recommended Applications

EASYLINER LD® is ideal for covering or capping landfills, as manure digester in agriculture, and for power plant coal ash management. It works remarkably well as waterproofing liner between rock face and inner concrete face of tunnels, canals, ponds, reservoirs, etc. It can also make high-functioning temporary covers on embankments and is ideal other small waterproofing applications. It is also used for containment and transportation of fluids in trucks because it prevents infiltration of water in sensitive areas and conducts water flow on preferred paths.

Product Benefits

EASYLINER LD® is available in wide roll widths to reduce installation time, costs, and number of overlaps. Its geotextile is closely bonded to the membranes on both sides, which increases its puncture resistance significantly and makes it highly tear resistant as well. It is also highly resistant to chemicals, weathering, UV, and biodegradation.


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