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MATLINER® is a 3D geocomposite that is made of a PP extruded pyramid shaped monofilaments core bonded to a filter fabric layer on the top and an impermeable membrane at the bottom

MATLINER® is designed for a variety of drainage and waterproofing applications, which makes it a versatile geocomposite. This flexibility also enables APEC Industries to manufacture it for custom thickness, weight, and flow capacity needs of each project.

Thickness at 2 kPa 4.0 – 20.0 mm
In-plane water flow capacity, σ =20 kPa, Soft/Rigid contact Gradient (i = 1.0) ~5.20 l/(m.s) Gradient (i = 0.1) ~0.70 l/(m.s)
Mass per unit area 560 – 1260 g/m2
Roll width 2.0 to 4.0 m
Roll length 25, 50 and 100 m
Roll weight (min – max) 30 – 510 kg

Functions of MATLINER® Geodrain Composite with Geomembrane

MATLINER® is a specialised geodrain composite that performs beyond expectations in terms of longevity and efficiency. It is designed to function admirably for separation, filtration, drainage, protection, and containment.

Recommended Applications

MATLINER® is ideally applied behind basement walls to provide drainage as well as waterproofing structures behind the composite. It is also very effective in relieving hydraulic pressure from buried structures and retaining walls. Drainage related applications include bridge abutments and wingwalls, tunnel walls and floor, parking decks, highways edge drains, railway line drains, and more. It is also very effective in relieving uplift pressure beneath tanks, slab and culverts.

Product Benefits

Along with the drainage quality, MATLINER® has extra functions of protection and waterproofing. During the backfilling process, the drain mat acts as a protective layer to prevent construction equipment from damaging the waterproofing membrane bonded to it. It also keeps sharp rocks and debris from puncturing the waterproofing membrane. It offers higher ROI in comparison with conventional drains made of sand or gravel.

MATLINER® discourages clogging, ensures long-term discharge of percolation water, omits the need for weep holes, and is highly durable. It offers filtration for almost all soil types and does not pollute the subsoil at all. It lasts long with high resistance to UV, chemicals and biodegradation.


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