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The goal of erosion control is to protect the soil from splash, sheet, rill & gully, stream & channel erosion either indefinitely or until vegetation can establish itself. The interaction of water and wind threshold velocities and the size of the particles are the predominant factors gives rise to the sequence of soil erosion (detachment – transportation – deposition).

Natural slopes are critical to long-term performance. Disturbances due to man-made developments or nutrients loss in natural soils causes surface erosion in progressive manner and creates surface undulations. Since they are unprotected, the run-off flow concentrates and progress into deeper channels forming an eventual loss of stability.

The natural solution to protect these slopes is by vegetation. However, the time until the seeds grow into plants and trees, the slopes are unprotected, and erosion can happen due to rains and heavy winds.

Geosynthetically the issue can be tackled by the installation of various Rolled Erosion Control Mats (RECMs) like EROMAT / EROGRID, reinforces to prevent soil from washing out of the slope face prior to the vegetation taking hold. Therefore, these reinforcements can withstand the rain drop impact energy, reduce surface runoff, and reduce total soil loss which ensures the growth of vegetation roots and provides additional mechanical strength to avoid slope failure.

The main areas where these EROMAT / EROGRID solutions required are:

  • In agriculture
  • Land development
  • Coastal areas
  • Riverbanks
  • Construction


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