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EROGRID® is APEC Industries’ other Erosion Control System. It also delivers maximum soil reinforcement and slope stabilisation thanks to its lightweight and flexible 3D polyamide geomat composite made from polymer monofilaments with integrated high-tensile strength polyester geogrid.

This polyester geogrid is included in the design to add performance stability and soil reinforcement in challenging slope settings, such as steep slopes.

This erosion control blanket is designed to withstand more resistance and perform ideally in steeper slopes than EROMAT®, which is designed for less steep dry and wet slopes. EROGRID® can resist shear stresses of up to 0.95 kPa and flow velocities exceeding 6 m/s (2.5 times more than just vegetation).

Thickness 10-20mm
Max. Tensile Strength of PET GRID – MD / CMD 40/40 kN/m
Elongation at Max. Tensile Strength – MD / CMD 80% / 80%
Soil Retention Factor 1810 m / m2
Roll width 1.0 to 4.0 m
Roll length 100 and 150 m
Roll Weight (min – max) ~50 - ~290kg

Functions of EROGRID® Erosion Control System

EROGIRD® is designed to deliver a complete slope soil reinforcement solution for shorelines and failing slope with heightened steepness. It delivers equally potent results for erosion control and slope stabilisation.

Recommended Applications

Due to its outstanding performance on steep slopes, EROGRID® is highly recommended for all such settings. Additionally, it is ideally built to protect canals and shorelines, repair slope failures, and stabilise channels. Furthermore, it is highly recommended for percussive driven earth anchors and where wave action is high.

Product Benefits

Since EROGRID® is a specialised version of EROMAT®, the two products offer a number of similar benefits. EROGRID® provides high soil stabilisation in on steep slopes, thus preventing erosion and reinforcing the soil at low elongations. It also offers unmatched resistance to burrowing animals and hydraulic shear stresses, withstanding high flow velocities.

EROGRID® is light and flexible with optimal resistance to UV light, chemicals, and biodegradation. It is designed with 90% voids across the mat, which encourages vegetation growth and the roots to reach through to the natural soil, further adding reinforcement.


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