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GRIDTEXTILE-PP® is a bi-axial geogrid composite made with polypropylene bonded with a non-woven geotextile on one side. It is available in many tensile strength and aperture options and is built to improve load-bearing capacity significantly.

GRIDTEXTILE-PP® is a multi-purpose geosynthetic composite product that cuts down project budget for stabilisation, reinforcement, separation, load capacity amplification, and much more.

Max. Tensile Strength (MD /CMD) (kN/m) 20 / 20 30 / 30 40 / 40
Tensile Strength @ 2% strain (kN/m) 7 / 7 10.5 / 10.5 14 / 14
Tensile Strength @ 5% strain (kN/m) 14 / 14 21 / 21 28 / 28
Elongation at max. strength (MD/CMD) 11% / 11% (min)
Flexural Rigidity (mg-cm) 700,000 2,00,000 >5,00,000
Roll Width 4.0 m
Roll Length 50, 75 and 100 m
Roll Weight (min – max) 75 – 270 kg

Functions of GRIDTEXTILE-PP® GEOGRID Composite

GRIDTEXTILE-PP® is built to fulfil complex needs in foundations. It can address problems as diverse as stabilization reinforcement, layer separation, and interlocking in any combination. It is also equally effective for slope stabilization.

Recommended Applications

GRIDTEXTILE-PP® was designed to solve a number of problems for civil engineering projects. This geogrid composite can at once confine soil and stone laterally, develop shear resistance, and enhance bearing capacity. Therefore, it can be applied to solve all such problems, including a need for reducing differential settlements, reducing thickness of aggregate base and granular sub-base layers in roads and highways, sub-grade stabilization in very soft soils, strong interlocking mechanism with aggregates and railway ballast, and ballast in railway applications, as well as reinforcing below car parking zones.

GRIDTEXTILE-PP® is also highly recommended for reinforcing retaining walls and foundations, temporary cranes and piling platforms, in airport runways, and cut-off trenches for pipes, among other applications.

Product Benefits

GRIDTEXTILE-PP® can offer unmatched enhancement in load bearing capacity of the ground if applied in multiple layers. To maximize soil performance, it is also designed to ensure low creep and high stiffness. It is one of the very few geogrids in the market that offer high tensile strength at low strains. It delivers strong interlocking between aggregate and ballast layers. It is highly resistant to abrasion, UV, chemicals and more. It increases the flexible pavements service life by increasing the number of load cycles, delay rutting, and stress cracks.


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