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GRIDTEXTILE-FG® geogrid composite consists of bi-axial woven geogrids made from glass fibre strands arranged in a grid pattern with bitumen polymeric coating and bonded with non-woven geotextile on one side. It enhances pavement service life, controls projection of stress cracks on the surface, and delays surface rutting.

In other words, GRIDTEXTILE-FG® is designed specially to support, strengthen, and reduce the thickness of asphalt road layers. It is often applied right under the top tarmac layer but can also be used as an effective separator for any two layers

Max. Tensile Strength – MD / CMD 50/50 kN/m 100/100 kN/m
Young’s modulus of geogrid 76 GPa
Elongation at Max. Tensile Strength – MD / CMD 3% / 3%
Aperture size 12.5 x 12.5 and 25 x 25 mm
Roll width 2.0, 4.0 and 5.0 m
Roll length 100 m
Roll Weight (min – max) 90 – 350 kg

Functions of GRIDTEXTILE-FG® Geogrid Composite

GRIDTEXTILE-FG® is designed to deliver and enhance pavement strength while controlling stress cracks and reducing rutting. It works best with asphalt mixes

Recommended Applications

GRIDTEXTILE-FG® is ideally suited for airport runways, taxiways, roads, bridges, parking lots, and jointed concrete highways to control reflective cracking. It is also recommended for high-traffic pavements to control rutting

It is highly recommended for all of these applications and any other that may aim to deliver high pavement life. It delivers excellent results when used as the key material to repair roads.

Product Benefits

GRIDTEXTILE-FG® delivers maximum performance when used with asphalt, supporting all types of mixes. It drastically minimises both thermal and stress induced reflective cracking. It beats its competition in reducing rutting under high ambient temperatures and intense wheel loads by a long margin.

GRIDTEXTILE-FG® also improves the fatigue life of pavements with weak foundations. It is also recyclable and easy to install.

All these benefits make GRIDTEXTILE-FG® a high-returns investment.


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