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MATFLOW® is an industry tested 3D geodrain composite. It consists of a PP extruded W-shaped monofilaments core with a filter fabric layer on either or both sides, depending on client needs.

MATFLOW® is a fully capable drainage blanket designed in particular to create high-performing highway edge drains. It drains water faster than gravel drains. It is available in various sets of technical specifications but can also be manufactured for custom specs.

Thickness at 2 kPa 4.0 – 20.0 mm
In-plane water flow capacity, σ =20 kPa, Soft/Rigid contact Gradient (i = 1.0) ~6.30 l/(m.s) Gradient (i = 0.1) ~1.50 l/(m.s)
Mass per unit area 560 – 1260 g/m2
Roll width 2.0 to 4.0 m
Roll length 25, 50 and 100 m
Roll weight (min – max) 30 – 510 kg

Functions of MATFLOW® Geodrain Composite

MATFLOW® is a high-performing drainage agent. It is designed to facilitate high water discharge with 95% voids across the blankets.

When used with the filter fabric layer on both sides, it becomes a highly effective filtration blanket and offers an impenetrable barrier for separation of materials.

Recommended Applications

As mentioned earlier, it is highly recommended for all kinds of drainage functions, especially behind basement walls, tunnel walls, for bridge abutments, wingwalls, and under tunnel floor and parking decks. MATFLOW® creates highway edges for optimum drainage and also delivers high horizontal drainage below embankments.

It is ideal for drainage in railway projects, vertical cut-off trenches, and for relieving uplift pressure beneath tanks, slabs and culverts

Product Benefits

MATFLOW® is very economical over conventional sand and gravel – aggregate – drains. It makes weep holes redundant and allows project engineers to omit them altogether. It ensures long-term discharge of percolation water from underground structures with its high anti-clogging qualities. MATFLOW’s® is available in wide roll widths, reducing number of joints and installation time. Highly durable and resistant to UV, chemicals and biodegradation, MATFLOW® offers long-term performance without polluting the subsoil.


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