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GRIDTEXTILE-PET® is a bi-axial geogrid that is built with high tenacity multifilament polyester yarns. It delivers maximum soil performance with its durable polymer coating and geotextile layer on one side. It delivers impeccable performance in many applications

GRIDTEXTILE-PET® is a high-tensile strength reinforcement geogrid composite designed especially for basal reinforcement of embankments on sabkha / soft soils. It is available in multiple tensile strength and aperture size options.

Max. Tensile Strength – MD / CMD 60 / 60 kN/m 100/100 kN/m 150/150 kN/m
Elongation at Max. Strength – MD / CMD 10% / 10% (min)
Roll Width 1.8, 3.6 and 5.3 m
Roll Length 50 and 100 m
Aperture size 25 x 25 and 40 x 40 mm

Functions of GRIDTEXTILE-PET® GEOGRID Composite

GRIDTEXTILE-PET® is ideally applicable in foundations where reinforcement or separation of layers is the objective.

Its bi-axial design allows it to effectively deliver on this diverse set of functions, and it is among the top performing geogrids in the market.

Recommended Applications

It is highly recommended for basal reinforcement of embankments over soft sabkha soils. It is also highly effective in confining soil laterally while enhancing shear resistance. It performs brilliantly when applied for reinforcing retaining walls, slopes, and foundations.

GRIDTEXTILE-PET® is also recommended for engineered backfill stabilisation, soil reinforcement, creating load transfer platforms over piles, and providing load support for strengthening access roads. It is also an effective geocomposite for erosion control.

Product Benefits

GRIDTEXTILE-PET® delivers optimal performance against creep, reducing it to a negligible level and thus maximising soil performance. It is a great investment because it delivers long-term durability. When applied in multiple layers, it enhances load bearing capacity of the ground. It offers high tensile strength at low elongation and is super-resistant to weathering, UV, chemicals, biodegradation, abrasion, and other challenging external conditions.


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