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EASYLINER HD® is a very durable and long-lasting HDPE geomembrane composite that comes with a layer of geotextile on one or both sides, depending on client needs.

EASYLINER HD® is conceived for the specialised containment and waterproofing needs of greater highway projects. It is highly flexible and custom manufactured for each application to meet the unique project needs.

Geomembrane thickness 0.75 – 2.00 mm
Break strength of geomembrane 20 – 53 kN/m
Puncture resistance of geomembrane 240 – 640 N
Roll width 7.0 m
Roll length 50 and 100 m
Roll Weight (min – max) 730 – 1600 kg

Functions of EASYLINER HD® HDPE Geomembrane Composite

EASYLINER HD® is designed to deliver a high-performance containment, separation and waterproofing geocomposite product. It has been tested in challenging conditions for all these applications and has proven to be dependable in all conditions.

The filter fabric laminated to the geomembrane will increase the composite’s puncture and tear resistance as well as the friction between the soil and the composite

Recommended Applications

EASYLINER HD® has numerous applications. It is ideally used as a liner in landfills, evaporation ponds, heap leach pads, ponds, canals, emergency spillways, railways, and agricultural needs. It provides high-functioning waterproof facing in dams and works brilliantly as a barrier to landfill odours. It is highly recommended to contain and transport fluids in the ocean.

EASYLINER HD® can create floating reservoirs for seepage control. It can be applied to prevent infiltration of water in sensitive areas. It channels water flow through desired paths and prevents pollution from de-icing salts under highways. It is also used for controlling expansive soils and to capture hazardous liquid spills. It reduces differential settlements and overlays as a waterproofing layer beneath asphalt. It contains seepage loss from existing above-ground tanks.

Product Benefits

EASYLINER HD® comes with high puncture, UV and chemical resistance. It can easily be seamed together on site with hot wedge welding. It comes in wide roll widths, which reduces number of overlaps and cuts down installation cost and time.


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