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EROMAT® is a highly effective Erosion Control System designed and manufactured by APEC Industries. It is a light-weight, flexible 3D polyamide geomat made with polymer monofilament yarns. It builds a virtually maintenance-free system in slopes, spillways and lakes with its high durability and high resistance to UV, chemicals and biodegradation.

EROMAT’s® erosion control blankets are available in various measures of thickness and rolls of 100m and 150m in length. The customisability of sizes makes EROMAT® suitable for a variety of erosion control needs.

Thickness 10-20mm
Max. Tensile Strength – MD / CMD 2.0 / 1.5 kN/m
Elongation at Max. Tensile Strength – MD / CMD 80% / 80%
Soil Retention Factor 1810 m/m2
Roll width 1.0 to 4.0 m
Roll length 100 and 150 m
Roll Weight (min – max) 40 – 160 kg

Functions of EROMAT® Erosion Control System

EROMAT® was manufactured to address the key problems relating to controlling erosion and stabilising soil on slopes in various kinds of settings and environments. It adds to slope stability by preventing erosion caused by soil transportation through wind and water. As for performance specifications, it can resist shear stresses up to 0.75 kN/m2 and flow velocities up to 4.5 m/s.

Recommended Applications

EROMAT® is ideal for installation in wet and dry slopes, including lakes, river embankments, spillways, canals, and reservoirs.

It may also be used as an added grip layer on rocky and smooth surfaces as well as over geomembranes. In short, EROMAT® fulfils all erosion control needs of projects with high slope stabilisation demands.

Erosion can ruin landscape design by carving gullies and uprooting plants. Traditional erosion control strategies like rain gardens, applying mulch, and planting soil-stabilising vegetation will give no immediate relief, as these products work only once plant roots lock into the soil structure, which takes time. Additionally, even at full function capacity, these strategies are not as effective as EROMAT®.

On the other hand, EROMAT® becomes fully functional the moment its installation is complete. Its 3D structure holds the cover vegetative soil and accelerates the growth of plantation and landscaping

Product Benefits

One of the biggest reasons clients say they love EROMAT® is how it seamlessly blends into the landscape.

However, EROMAT® is built to deliver a much larger set of benefits. EROMAT® is designed to offer excellent bonding of individual filaments, which results in higher durability and performance than other erosion control blankets in the market.

With 90% voids across the blanket, swift vegetation growth is encouraged. Vegetation growth on top of EROMAT® reinforces the structure by allowing its roots to penetrate to the natural soil.

It can be installed on steeper grades compared to rip-rap and armour rock.

It is light, flexible, has high UV – and chemical – resistance, and it does not float on water


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