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SALTSTOP® is a high-functioning, comprehensive salt barrier system. It uses an HDPE tri-planar geonet as its draining core with filter fabric layers on both sides.

SALTSTOP® is ideally designed for landscape and road walkway applications, especially to separate vegetative soil and saline groundwater. It is available in variable roll lengths and widths for suitable installation in large structures.

Thickness at 2 kPa 7.5 mm
In-plane water flow capacity, σ =20 kPa, Soft/Rigid contact Gradient (i = 1.0) ~1.30 l/(m.s) Gradient (i = 0.1) ~0.70 l/(m.s)
Static puncture resistance 5.0 KN
Roll width 2.0 and 4.0 m
Roll length 25, 50 and 100 m
Roll weight (min – max) 50 – 400 kg

Functions of SALTSTOP® Salt Barrier System

SALTSTOP® is built to deliver a highly reliable barrier system that keeps saline water and salts out of surface layers of vegetation and soil. It offers complete separation, capillary breaks, filtration, and drainage solutions.

Recommended Applications

SALTSTOP® is ideal for application in landscapes, sports fields, pavements, walkways, basements, and other types of foundations for creating a dependable salt barrier.

It is also applied successfully as a highly effective separation layer between vegetative soil and saline groundwater, which makes it very desirable for the sabkha soils of Middle East coastal areas.

Product Benefits

SALTSTOP® completely blocks capillary rise of saline water into vegetative soil layers. It also effectively reduces negative pore water pressure caused by such capillary action and creates a stable void that works as capillary breaks throughout the mat’s service life.

SALTSTOP® also prevents saline groundwater to contaminate concrete or soil layers as well as underground structures. Built with the durability that is the hallmark of all APEC Industries products, SALTSTOP® carries high loads without compromising on the capillary breakage function.

It is highly resistant to weathering, UV, chemicals and biodegradation, performing optimally for many years.


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